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How to Be Acquired & Stay Happy

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Congratulations: you've been acquired! First comes an initial high from the money and the attention.

Often company acquisitions that seem like a great idea result in disappointment, a mass exodus, the technology being tossed aside, and hard feelings on both sides. But every once in a while, an acquisition results in the team feeling like they got a big win, not just financially, but that it moved their product & careers forward in a way that would have taken them much longer otherwise.

During this core conversation, we'll share stories of acquisition successes (yes, they exist!), and draw out what worked well. The goal is to provide those that are looking to be acquired with some guidelines for what to watch out for, and how to pull it off as successfully as possible.



James Home Prod Designer Google Inc

Marcy Swenson co-founder Startup Happiness

I am an executive coach who works with startup founders and entrepreneurs. I focus on identifying and transforming the toughest issues that founders face – the things that challenge them repeatedly in their business and their lives. By creating behavioral experiments that run in weekly cycles, I help people test their beliefs about the world, and achieve more effective and satisfying results with less effort and stress.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a technical co-founder with two successful exits. The most recent was Critical Path (“we handle the world’s email!”) where we created cloud-based email hosting in 1997, prior to the advent of cloud computing. I built the tech team that led to IPO (Nasdaq: CPTH). Forbes named CPTH the fastest-growing high-tech company in the world in 1999.

I'm honored to help the next generation of super-creative, awesome company founders learn and grow, and to contribute to the body of knowledge about how to create more successful and happy startups.

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