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What WebGL Will Mean for the Web

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WebGL is bringing hardware accelerated 3D to modern web browsers. This means you can launch a full game or any other rich 3D experience by simply clicking a link your friend sent you in an email. The promise of 3D with dramatically lowered friction has been shown in early WebGL applications and exciting things are in the pipeline.

Technically WebGL lives inside the canvas element, so it is appropriate that is often referred to under the umbrella term HTML5 along with a host of other technologies such as Javascript, CSS, and SVG.

This panel will bring together a group of practitioners who are actively involved in everything from writing the spec to shipping real products based on it. Between us we have been there since the earliest days of the spec and have delivered some of the most high profile WebGL projects seen to date.

We will reflect on what we have learned in the early days of working with WebGL and have a conversation about what the road ahead may look like.



Aaron Koblin Creative Dir Google Inc

Henrik Bennetsen CEO OurBricks

I co-founded Katalabs back in early 2010 as a spinoff from the Stanford research space. Our product OurBricks - leverages HTML5 tech to connect people who need great 3D content with those who can create it. We also do consulting for people who need a creative software solutions built on modern web technologies. In the process of doing these things we have founded or contributed to a range of open source projects.

I enjoy putting on events as way to learn about something. I am in full production mode on TL;DR Conf - which you should check out if you are interested in the next technology cycle. I founded and continue to run the WebGL Camps - and have enjoyed partnering with great people at Google, Mozilla and SRI on these

Ken Russell Software Engineer Google Inc

Ken Russell is a software engineer at Google, Inc. on the Chrome GPU team, which aims to better utilize the GPU for the display of all kinds of web content. He is currently serving as the chair of the WebGL working group at Khronos. Prior to joining Google, Ken worked at Sun Microsystems, Inc. for over ten years, initiating the Java Binding to the OpenGL API project, and making contributions to many areas of the Java platform. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab.

Ricardo Cabello Mr. Mr.doob

Shanna Tellerman Prod Line Mgr Autodesk

Shanna Tellerman is passionate about the intersection of design and technology as it relates to interactive media. She thrives on working with passionate and talented people to bring a vision to reality. Currently, she is the Product Line Manager for Autodesk Cloud Services and Applications. She is responsible for driving the product line that includes the new cloud platform that is powering web and mobile initiatives across the company.

Shanna founded her first technology company, later acquired by Autodesk, out of graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. The company focused on democratizing access to game development by providing a cloud hosted game engine.

Shanna has been a frequent speaker in the game industry and a thought leader on the topic of women in technology. She has been active in organizations including Astia, Women 2.0, Girl Geeks, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. In 2009 she was named one of Business Week’s best young entrepreneurs.

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