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Applied Improvisation: Preparing to Be Unprepared

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Let's face it: life rarely happens exactly as planned. Unforeseen opportunities, setbacks, and other variables can (and often do) wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans. How do you adjust? Improvise! We'll extract the key principles of improvisational theory and learn how they apply to our everyday lives. Furthermore, we'll spend the majority of our time looking at some current examples of how improvisation is reshaping our professional landscape.


Brad Temple Managing Dir Austin Improv Collective

Brad Temple serves as the Managing Director of the Austin Improv Collective, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of improvisational theater in Central Texas. Brad enjoys studying the application of improv principles to everyday life and modern organizational structures.

When not performing or preaching about the merits of improv, Brad enjoys live music, well-written sitcoms, and the Dallas Mavericks. He also contributes to the A.V. Club Austin.

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