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Liberating Data with Interactive Charts

#sxsw #freedata


Data has been freely available on the web since its inception, but it has always been difficult to access and even harder to digest. Recently, a small but growing group of intrepid data geeks have been scrounging the web for data and turning it into something useful and comprehensible: an interactive visualization! This presentation will show you some of the most intriguing visualizations that have been published in the past year and even how to create your own. Perhaps most importantly, you will leave understanding why these visualizations and their creators are so important to the future of the web.



Ross Perez Data Analyst Tableau Software

I joined Tableau Software as a Data Analyst in 2009. My role is to tell the world about the wonders of interactive visualization and typically my days are spent hunting for interesting data and visualizing it with Tableau Public. As part of the vanguard of "vizzers" (visualizers) attempting to make sense of the worlds data, I have a special insight into the problem of the modern data deluge.

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