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Make a Kinection: The Future of Interactive Design

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Make the Kinection!

Microsoft Kinect is the technology which is undoubtedly poised to unlock the next generation of digital design and allows us to bridge the gaps between physical and digital.

As Kinect becomes more prevalent, more open and generally smarter we need to look at how this new technology expands our palette of interactive experiences.

Join members of the XBOX Design team in a conversation about the essence of Kinect, the power it holds, its unique challenges, capabilities and a glimpse into the future!



Amish Patel Design Producer Xbox/Microsoft

Over the last couple years I have been working at Microsoft, first as a Program Manager for the Windows 7/8 Touch experience and recently as a Design Producer for the XBOX Design team. I work toward understanding the implications of how natural user interfaces and interaction languages need to be designed to accommodate the growing trend of devices and systems designed for the range natural input modalities.

Currently I focus on understanding the world of XBOX centered interactive languages and its implication for more modern user interface design.

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