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Designing for Awareness in the Attention Economy

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In today’s digitally-connected online world, everything competes for your attention. An attention economy exists for consumers. We have more information and easier ways to deliver it. Yet, consumers have a finite set of attention to "pay" to these competing messages.

Each person has many different types of awareness, which affect how they react and perceive situations. By understanding these different levels, designers and developers can create strategies to account for awareness to build more effective products.

In this talk, you will learn about the different types of human awareness, design strategies to maximize awareness, and examples of good and bad awareness designs from existing products. You will walk away with awareness guidelines to help you better design for awareness in the Attention Economy.



Brian Sullivan Usability Principal Sabre

Brian Sullivan is a community organizer, speaker, and usability engineer from Dallas, Texas. He offers usability and design advice to help product teams improve the customer experience and usability of their designs. Brian spends an inordinate amount of time organizing events, including monthly DFW-UPA meetings, quarterly workshops, and the annual Big Design Conference. He has worked with AT&T, Burger King, American Airlines, SkyChefs, United Airlines, and Carter Blood Center. At home, Brian takes orders from his wife (Susan), their son (Sean), and the cat (Junior) that owns them all.

Taylor Cowan Evangelist Microsoft

Taylor Cowan is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft, based in Dallas, TX, where he focuses on the early adoption of Microsoft technologies for customers in the central US. He received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas, as well as a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Arranging. He is a founder and committer to the open source project jenabean, a Java to RDF binding framework. Taylor also has a special interest in other non-relational persistence and has written object bindings for both the neo4j graph database and Windows Azure storage.

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