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How Meaningful Design Can Save the World

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The mission: To create a visually impactful, cutting edge online user experience that encourages people to take action for your cause. No sweat, right?For designers working in the non-profit sector, this is the challenge we face everyday. Organizations who don’t see the true cost of bad design, or those distracted by the low-hanging fruit of mere eye candy (i.e. “wasted pretty”) can make it even harder to achieve this ambitious goal. In this core conversation, we will share the secrets to designing award-winning visuals for your cause that both look amazing and propel an audience to engage. Through real life examples & some unorthodox client/boss management techniques, you’ll walk away with strategies to conceptualize, curate and create work that really can change the world.


Eve Simon Creative Dir Beaconfire Consulting

A lapsed Philosophy major with an MFA in theatrical lighting design and 16 years experience in web design, UX and creative management, Eve is either a quirky dinner party guest or a source of random knowledge. When not creating award winning designs for Beaconfire's non profit clients or helping make the world a better place (one website at a time), Eve channels the Muppets “Animal” on RockBand, and wears an inordinate amount of black. On any given day at sxsw, she can be found running The Beacon: Lounge with a Conscience in room 8BC, or looking for the best BBQ in Austin. Follow her on Twitter @naieve or @thebeaconsxsw.

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