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Paper or Plastic? Social Media Can Restore Earth

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Effective storytelling is at the center of all transformation strategies. As society continues to access and rely upon the web and mobility for social, economic and environmental information it becomes clear that the need to manage rapid growth and innovation in a meaningful, transparent manner is essential. In this talk that explores interactive design innovation through biomimicry, Michael Dungan shares 9 lessons of the honeybee in 9 minutes. Participants experience firsthand how the technology start-up BeeDance is applying these lessons and others natural principles to promote wise action online and in the community. Learn how effective social media techniques are being utilized to create authentic change in the manufacturing and professional services sector. Why biomimicry? Because nature is a great learning institution and honeybees are esteemed faculty members.



Michael Dungan Pres/CEO BeeDance

Michael Dungan’s work is dedicated to discovering new abundance in our community by reclassifying waste as an asset. Through his consultancy APISync, the community project ZeroLandfill, and the online marketplace BeeDance, Michael is disrupting the status quo and bringing new understanding to the role of waste in our society. In nature, a lot of waste is generated, yet nothing is wasted. Human centered systems have every opportunity to mimic this core principal.

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