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Reinventing the Graphic Novel for the iPad

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Nobody foresaw the dramatic impact the iPad would make on us as media consumers. However, it looks like the “giant ipod” is here to stay, and with it comes brand new never before methods and tools for story telling.

With the ability to blend together games, comics, literature, film, and mobile services into new hybrid experiences, we are just beginning to see the vast opportunities this device has created for storytellers and audiences alike.

In this panel, we will take a brief look at the traditional forms of games and comics as standalone, (but often associated) mediums telling stories, and explore the new ways in which they are starting to overlap in the tablet space.

In this panel, audience members will get a guided tour of the process involved in developing Operation Ajax, showing just how vast the opportunities are when you use a realtime 3D game engine to build an interactive graphic novel from the ground up for the tablet.
While the sky is the limit, there are certainly some obstacles to overcome. For one, the mobile space is not treated like a high value entertainment space like the living room. The average mobile experience is a 99 cents to 5 dollar experience. A high value game experience is a 50 – 70 dollar experience.



Daniel Burwen Creative Dir Cognito Comics

Having worked in console games since 2005 (EA, Activision), Daniel Burwen is currently Creative Director at Cognito Comics.

Cognito recently shipped CIA : Operation Ajax, an award winning revolutionary 210 page interactive graphic novel for the iPad. More information at

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