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Serendipity (n.): A Happy Discovery By Accident

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Entertainment is a natural need. Anticipation is a human hunger. What’s better than feeling completely catered to, without losing the excitement of surprise? We know what we like and what our interests are, but can’t always define what we desire in the moment. Customized serendipity, inherent in the discovery experience of StumbleUpon, allows you to find novel, fascinating and inspiring content based on things you care about.

Everyone wants to be the one that enlightens friends with the outlandish zombie story they found, a stunning image of Fiji or impulsive idea for a road trip through the Catskill Mountains. You can be that pillar of knowledge, bringing an unexpected spark to your social circles, academic projects and upcoming adventures through stumbling content on StumbleUpon that you’ll think was made for you (and you alone) to find.



Garrett Camp Founder/CEO StumbleUpon

Garrett has guided StumbleUpon’s development since 2001, from inception to more than 20 million registered users. StumbleUpon is now the largest personalized content discovery engine on the web, delivering more than 1 billion personalized recommendations per month. Garrett completed his Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Calgary, where he researched interfaces for collaborative systems, evolutionary algorithms and information retrieval. He is also a 2007 recipient of MIT Technology Review’s TR35 award.

Liz Gannes Sr Editor All Things Digital

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