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Iron Sky: Forging the Future of Film

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Join Director Timo Vuorensola and Producer Tero Kaukomaa as they discuss their film IRON SKY (SXSW 2012) and how they worked to bridge the gap between the film industry and new forms of media. This trend is gaining traction and is becoming one many filmmakers can creatively take part in to create a deeper experience for their projects. Learn how the team behind IRON SKY harnessed the film community to the best ends and on multiple levels, putting themselves in direct contact with their audience from the beginning to not only help fund the film, but interact and cultivate a creative flow between filmmaker and audience.


Brian Chirls Creative Developer Three Eyed Labs LLC

Brian Chirls is a Brooklyn-based troublemaker and hacker of code, video and stories.

Brian Chirls is a Brooklyn-based creative technologist with a broad range of experience ranging from finance and construction to documentary film. Brian achieved recognition in the film industry for his work as technical lead and distribution manager on the cult independent film, "Four Eyed Monsters," a pioneer in social media, crowd sourcing and Internet distribution. His work on the film led him to create Crowd Controls, a distribution tool used on the films "Pariah," "Girl Walk All Day," and the upcoming "Iron Sky." In the past two years, Brian has worked closely with Mozilla in developing tools and story models for interactive web video based in HTML5 technology. He is a major contributor to Mozilla's Popcorn.js library and has recently released Seriously.js, a library for real-time video compositing. Brian continues to present his work at film festivals and conferences around the world.

Jonathan Gardner Partner Cohen Gardner LLP

Jonathan Gardner, Esq. received his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1996. After law school, Mr. Gardner joined the business affairs department of PolyGram Films and later served executive terms at Universal and Fox. In 2002, Mr. Gardner co-founded Cohen Gardner LLP. Since that time he has specialized in independent film production, finance and distribution, working with many prominent international writers, directors and producers. In 2010 Mr. Gardner was profiled by "Variety" in its Dealmakers Impact Report.

Tero Kaukomaa Producer Iron Sky

Timo Vuorensola Dir Iron Sky

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