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Meat is Might: Epic Meal Time Rules the Web

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How do a group of friends go from sitting down for a meal together to creating an EPIC MEAL TIME together?

The first ever Epic Meal Time video involved the creation (and subsequent demolition) of a "fast-food pizza" and received 100,000 views. The second, Angry French Canadian: The Greasiest Sandwich in Canada, saw views increase exponentially to 500,000. Epic Meal Time episodes have garnered 15 millions total views - 2 million per episode - and have appeared at Comic Con, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, joined leading Independent Television Network Revision3 and are continuously increasing both their audience and footprint.

What are the key factors to their initial success and continued expansion throughout the digital and entertainment sphere? What's the process of putting together an Epic Meal Time video from concept to execution? Join the Epic Meal Time team in a discussion of how an online YouTube cooking show has succeeded in a crowded space at a level where many have not.


Ameer Atari Epic Meal Time

From the ghettos of Montreal, to the video game kiosks of Oklahoma and then back to Montreal. Ameer has been a large help in the kitchen. A member of 'Team Cuisine', raised on creating munchies for himself with whatever is around, Ameer has become very resourceful. Think large steak and gravy burritos and nacho ragoon. Ameer is somewhat of a savant when it comes to movies and videogames. This has earned him the title of PrinceAtari.

David Heuff Epic Meal Time

Also known as CousinDave, David is somehow related to every person on the planet. Nobody is ever a stranger to him and he is always humble, kind and intelligent. A steady hand has earned David the chance to be the cameraman on EpicMealTime. If you've ever seen bacon grease dripping or anyone drinking, there's a high chance that CousinDave filmed it.

Harley Morenstein Epic Meal Time

The brains of EpicMealTime, the face of EpicMealTime and of course the booming, obnoxious voice of EpicMealTime. Harley aka Sauce Boss started as a school teacher until the summer of 2010 when he started EpicMealTime in his backyard. With no editing skills and no camera training, he bought a laptop and camera with his teacher salary and self-taught himself to produce a show. Although a hobby in the past, EpicMealTime was the first instance of Harley seriously committing to producing a series.

Jonny Goldmaker Epic Meal Time

Josh Elkin Chef Epic Meal Time

The second half of 'Team Cuisine', Josh aka EpicMook is always in the kitchen. He is heavily involved in the planning of meals and the purchasing of new kitchen equipment for episodes. He had no prior kitchen training other than cooking for girls he was trying to sleep with. Now with over 700+ hours of cooking under his belt with EpicMealTime, some would say he is one of the top self-taught online chefs in the world.

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