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But Are You a Real Journalist? #jan25 #occupy

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The Whole World is Watching: From Tahrir Square to Homs to Zuccotti Park, citizen journalists and ordinary people are using social media, video and cell phones to document their stories and revolutions. New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston will moderate a panel w/ Jigar Mehta of the "18 Days in Egypt" project; Tim Pool, live stream video reporter of Occupy Wall Street movement; Eric Carvin, social media editor, Associated Press and Chris Michael from The panelists would like this to be a conversation so please bring your thoughts and questions about how technology is blurring the lines between traditional and citizen journalism -- and what that means. We will also remember those who lost their lives in recent months trying to report what was going on.#citizensx


Eric Carvin Social Media Editor Associated Press

AP's social media editor, aiming to lend a hand to a couple of thousand journalists on their social newsgathering and engagement adventures. I also like to look for berries in Central Park and get lost in the urban woods.

Jennifer Preston Staff Writer/Social Media Reporter The New York Times

Jigar Mehta Co-Founder 18 Days In Egypt/GroupStream

Jigar Mehta is a documentary filmmaker, journalist and digital entrepreneur.

He is the co-creator of the collaborative documentary project, 18 Days in Egypt, about the ongoing Egyptian revolution. It was a project developed while Mehta was a John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University. Before coming to Stanford, Mehta was a video journalist for The New York Times. His passion is for telling stories through strong characters and accurate reporting. He is a believer in collaboration and building community, and as 2009-11 president of the South Asian Journalist Association, he fostered programs that reflect those ideals.

Mehta is a double graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Journalism.

Tim Pool Independent Journalist

Tim Pool is a journalist whose unique style of interactive broadcast journalism exists at the intersection of social and mainstream media. His live coverage has been featured by outlets such as NBC, Reuters, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera English. Pool engages viewers as participants by combining first hand reporting and commentary via live video stream and chat, allowing the viewing public to join in the action by directly asking questions, which he responds to while reporting live.

Pool uses and adapts new technology to advance the field of journalism and decentralize the ability to share information.

In 2011 Tim Pool was featured in TIME's person of the year as the "Media Messenger of Zuccotti Park"

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