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Jeffrey Tambor's Acting Workshop

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Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development, The Hangover) returns to SXSW with a version of his workshop that film conference attendees have loved for years. By breaking down the performing process, he’s explored the practical and philosophical approaches that lead to a great performance. Jeffrey has worked with some of SXSW’s favorite actors on stage, helping them (and the audience) to identify and release those fears that keep us all from true artistic freedom. This year, Mr. Tambor will bring his Workshop to both Film and Interactive conference attendees. His career as a Master Teacher of actors has given him insight into human behavior that translates to helping ALL people. Part one-man show, part seminar, part question and answer and endlessly entertaining, Jeffrey’s hilarious and empowering presentation inspires the viewer to discover the artist within.


Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor is an accomplished and well-respected comedic and character actor. His portrayals of Hank Kingsley (The Larry Sanders Show) and George Bluth (Arrested Development) have earned him multiple Emmy nominations leading him to become indelible in the minds and hearts of comedy fans.

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