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Mentor Session: Courtney Hemphill

A new addition to SXSW Interactive 2012, Mentor Sessions enable less-established new media professionals to gain seven minutes of direct one-on-one career-related council from a more established / more experienced new media professional. Please visit for more information on Mentor Sessions or visit this URL to sign up for this Mentor Session -


Courtney Hemphill Technical Lead Carbon Five

As a lead developer at Carbon Five, Courtney has been working with clients to develop custom web applications using agile and lean techniques for over a decade. Prior to agile achieving its status as the true best practice for effective development and before lean user experience had gained traction, she was coaching companies on how to get clean, tested code to their users quickly and iteratively. Courtney is now developing new ways of integrating design processes into the rapid iterative development cycle and testing agile stories not just on the back end but with real customers feedback that can better inform development cycles.

Recently Courtney has participated in the LUXr Residency and the Women Who Code group in San Francisco. When not being a web geek, she is heading out to find the best rock climbing spots worldwide; usually ending up back home, happily wrestling with a boulder or cliff in Yosemite Valley.

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