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Journalists Discuss the Future of Games

#sxsw #GameFuture

We've gathered the brightest and most opinionated minds from Kotaku, Destructoid, KillScreen and the Verge to discuss emerging topics in video game development. Topics will include: how mobile/tablet could kill consoles, connectivity across all gaming platforms, movement-based interfaces, adaptable AI, games in education and game devices as cross-over consumer products untethered from consoles. Join us in a very animated and informative conversation about the future of games.


Jamin Warren Founder Kill Screen Magazine

Matt Buchanan Editor BuzzFeed Fwd


Morgan Webb N/A G4 Media / NBCUniversal

N'Gai Croal Founder/Principal Hit Detection LLC

Ross Miller Sr Editor The Verge

Last name Ever. First name Greatest. Middle name Horse Whisperer. Current Senior Editor and Product Database Director for The Verge. Formerly of Engadget and Joystiq.

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