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Startup Balance: Being Awesome Outside the Office

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The startup scene preaches hustle more than anything. It's all fun and great. You have to make sacrifices, yes. It's risky, yes. You're bound for failure, yes. It's freaking awesome while you're doing it, yes.

Then you spend time with your friends and you have nothing to talk about except your work.

Then you forget to call mom to tell her you love her.

Then you play tennis and realize that you suck and can't last for more than 30 minutes because you are totally out of shape.

Then you realize you're not the same awesome person you were before the amazing, amazing startup you're working on took over.

It's kinda like spending all your time with a new girlfriend. Your friends are concerned you're changing. Startups can often become unhealthy relationships, but it's important to stay focused while managing the rest of your life too. It's hard, but there's nothing more important for your sanity.

Let's talk a bit about sanity.


Ankit Shah CEO, Head of Prod Alternote

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