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Open Data FAIL: How Government Fakes Transparency

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This talk will expose the slight of hand tricks used by government agencies to make them appear more transparent than they are. "Transparency" is a common buzz word that suggests that government operates in a manner that is clear, visible, and understandable. Open Data Centers are supposed to increase accountability and transparency in government computer-based operations. However, can you use the data they provide to spot waste or corruption in government? Vote counting used to be a process that people could watch, but now you only see a false replica of the open counting process. Meanwhile the votes are actually counted where they can not be observed. The public needs to be able to differentiate between transparency and transparency theater, just as it needs to learn to differentiate between security and security theatre. Several examples of how government agencies produce this theatre will demonstrate how what is supposed to be transparent is intentionally hidden.



Jeremiah Akin Mr

Jeremiah Akin is a voting rights advocate who co-authored Hacked: High Tech Election Theft in America and has been featured in multiple books about electronic voting issues. Jeremiah also severed as a team lead at the Texas State Comptroller’s office where he worked on data management, visualization, and open data issues.

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