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When Biomechanics Attack: Hard New Sports Lessons

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Where people used to just run, now they are now denigrated as heel-strikers or running around barefoot. Serious bikers use algorithms, and hours, to figure out silly things like how high to adjust their seats. The more we learn about human performance, the more geeky stuff like this seems to matter. But the more geeky stuff like this seems to matter, the more sports seem like work. A conversation about how lessons from the biomechanics lab can be best applied to playing sports in 2012.


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Jay Dicharry Dir Speed Performance Clinic And The Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator At The University Of Virginia

Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, is the Director of the SPEED Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab, at the University of Virginia. Originally from New Orleans, Jay received his Masters of Physical Therapy degree at Louisiana State University Medical Center. He is an instructor in the Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the University of Virginia. Jay is a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, and a certified coach through both the United States Track and Field Association and the United States Cycling Federation. He is widely published in numerous professional journals on running gait and biomechanics, lectures nationally to clinicians and coaches on care of endurance athletes, and consults to individual athletes, USA Track and Field and the US Air Force on athlete development. Jay has a competitive history in swimming, triathlon, cycling, and running events on both the local and national level, and has coached athletes from local standouts to national medalists. His passion is combining his personal, clinical, and research focus to help athletes achieve their full potential.

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