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The Basketball Jones Live Podcast

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Today, The Basketball Jones is a daily NBA podcast, award-winning blog, and television show. Five years ago, it was a money-losing passion project recorded in a kitchen. The story of what happened in between is partly about five friends figuring out how to get paid for a show they loved doing. But it's also about how that show grew up with a league that exploited social media and digital content more than any other sport in North America. Many lessons can be learned from the peculiar rise of The Basketball Jones and the NBA's approach to the new media. Exactly what those lessons are? Come by and hear us talk it out. We want to be as surprised as you are.



Jason Doyle Dir/Producer, The Basketball Jones Score Media

Jason Doyle is the unlikely leader of a ragtag band of podcasters known as The Basketball Jones. Before TBJ hit the big time, he added sound to cartoons. If you have children, and you let them watch TV – shame on you – and you’ve probably seen his work. And before all that, he played in a band called Tinkerbell that made it as far as Greece (and that’s about it). Jason has extensive bartending experience, obviously.

JE Skeets Host, The Basketball Jones Score Media

Host, writer and co-founder of The Basketball Jones, which is a daily NBA podcast/blog produced for Score Media Inc. in Toronto, Canada.

Matt Osten Producer Score Media

Producer, writer and restaurant selector for The Basketball Jones NBA podcast and blog.

Tas Melas Host, The Basketball Jones Score Media

Tas co-founded The Basketball Jones and is a contributing personality at The Score. After getting a degree in the media field, he ran around getting coffee for people in the Canadian broadcasting industry at CBC, Odyssey TV and TSN. Tas enjoys John Legend, performing the wave, and the movie, Scent of a Woman.

Trey Kerby Editor, The Basketball Jones Score Media

The Will Smith of the Internet.

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