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Rev Up Your Product Design, the “Concept Car” Way

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How can you encourage and facilitate innovation across your teams to come up with the best product? Come take a peek under the hood of a great innovation principle called “Visiontyping,” which promotes powerful collaboration across the board and propels creativity that can deliver big ideas and breakthroughs. This panel of thought leaders will discuss how applying a process of creative exploration - much like the "concept car" style of prototyping - can inspire and hone the vision of your product, allowing you to unleash the best of the best. This session is sponsored by Meebo.



Armando Gonzalez VP User Experience Meebo Inc

Throughout his 15+ year career as a User Experience leader, one of Armando's key areas of interest is thinking about the different ways in which Design teams can bring greater value to companies like Yahoo!, eBay and Meebo by having empathy for customers and thinking creatively.

Jake Cressman Digital Prod Designer Cressman Design

Product design consultant at the intersection of social, curation and gamification innovation. Clients include Meebo, Electronic Arts, eBay and Cisco.

Nancy Dickenson Principal Dickenson LLC

Think, make, and show--As a leader in UX Design, Nancy's spent 25 years doing just that. At eBay, ABCNews, Scient, HarperCollins, Apple, and for all her current clients, Nancy takes a hands-on approach to building UX teams that visualize their way to innovative products and services--ones that are differentiated, easy to use, and useful.

Roseann Stempinski Principal Experience Designer Stem Design

Balancing thinking at 10,000ft with doing at 10ft. Roseann's experience in brand and design strategy paired with graphic, industrial and interactive design has enabled her to connect the dots between strategy and tactics to maintain a holistic perspective that produces innovative product solutions. Roseann has been fortunate to work with a wide range of brands such as Adobe, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and eBay.

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