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The Nick Denton Interview: The Failure of Comments

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The internet was supposed to allow media outlets not only to display the talent of their writers -- but to capture the intelligence of the audience. Remember that rhetoric? We've abandoned it; the most that publishers can claim is that their comments are not quite as bad as the competition's. Trolls and spammers are not the problem. They can be dealt with by brute-force moderation. The real tragedy: the triumph of mediocrity. People with time on their hands drown out more valuable contributors. We've all designed discussion systems with the most avid commenters in mind. We've given them stars and moderating powers and allowed them to develop cliques and a sense of ownership that shades into entitlement. They are not the only readers. They are not even the smartest of our readers. If we're truly to capture the intelligence of the audience, we need to design for the most intelligent of the audience.



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Nick Denton Publisher Gawker Media

Nick Denton is founder of Gawker Media. Before building a media business out of blogs, Nick founded two internet ventures in the late 1990s: Moreover Technologies, the news search provider, acquired by Verisign; and First Tuesday. Nick -- who is half-Hungarian -- began his media career as a reporter for the Economist and the Financial Times during the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. While the FT's investment banking correspondent he co-wrote All That Glitters, the account of the rogue trader who brought down Barings Bank.

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