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Successful Journalism Startups: Global Lessons

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More and more journalists are either facing layoffs or zero-job market around the world. Some of them take their passion online and start their own publications. Research project "Sustainable Business Models for Journalism" has interviewed these brave journos that have actually made the move to entrepreneurship _and_ are making living out of it. 30 very different cases from around the world - from international success stories (ArsTechnica) to small hyperlocal sites serving just 10.000 strong communities (DavidsonNews). What are the key elements for sustainability and how they are building a whole new ecosystem of news? The future of journalism is not built on grants, 401k's or VC funding. It's built on single individuals that are not afraid of long hours and wearing multiple hats.



Pekka Pekkala Sr Research Fellow University of Tampere/USC Annenberg

Recovering corporate journalist, now a researcher at University of Tampere, Finland and USC Annenberg, Los Angeles. Worked 13 years in Helsingin Sanomat (, the largest daily in the Nordics as the head of online development and technology writer. Before that BBC World Service, Estonian Broadcasting Company and lots of freelance work. Now I'm trying to figure out what the journalism ecosystem will be like in 2020 and help graduating students to understand it.

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