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What the London Riots Taught Us About Social Media

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In 1985 London boiled in a summer of unrest known as the Boardwater Farm Riots. Some 26 years later, last summer's London Riots began under much the same circumstances yet grew to be dramatically more destructive. The primary difference between the two events: the present-day existence of social media. As a result the London Riots of 2011 were meticulously documented in millions of Tweets, BBM messages, Internet news mentions, and Facebook posts. The electronic record tells a fascinating tale of social media’s role in the chaos, from its provision of “utilities” for riot planners and onlookers to its ability to steer the event’s emotional tone. Framed in the context of the Arab Spring uprising that came before and the Occupy Movement that would follow, this presentation offers a unique view into one of the most devastating illustrations of social media's power the world has known and the role it plays for revolutionaries, rioters, and rebels alike.



Kevin Hartman SVP, Dir of Customer Intelligence DraftFCB

Kevin Hartman is a devoted and artistic practitioner of data. It is his belief that data must do more than simply provide insights that inspire creative thought. Rather, data must express insights in ways that are just as creative as the ideas they activate.

As SVP, Director of Customer Intelligence at Draftfcb, Kevin and his team of 40+ are responsible for drawing upon data to tackle clients' most complex and notable problems. His approach mixes science and art to deliver inventive, fact-based strategies that reduce uncertainty and increase effectiveness in the marketing and advertising programs they create.

Kevin’s roster of client work is long and varied, and includes brand names such as Motorola, the United States Postal Service, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Del Monte, Boeing, Qualcomm, Wagner USA, ABN Amro, Bank of America, and the Chicago Board of Trade, among others.

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