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In 2015, analysts estimate worldwide sales of 3 million hybrid and electric cars and light trucks – and almost 100 million electric scooters and bikes. EVs represent more than just a different way to turn the wheels on the family car – they are a wholesale re-thinking of consumer mobility, introducing cars that have as much in common with your smartphone and your laptop as they do with the car in your garage right now. Questions are inevitable, of course. How should an electric car behave? How should manufacturers prepare consumers for the differences in owning, driving and maintaining it? What responsibilities should marketers and product managers take on to help this market take off? And will the EV “cool factor” taper off or continue to grow? Whatever the answers to these questions, it is clear that the electric vehicle will be a connected vehicle. And that mobile, social, and local technologies will be key to shaping vehicles as they move from prototype to production. Join Mike O’Toole, PJA President and host of PJA Radio, for a provocative discussion that gets to the heart of the probable and probes the limits of the possible. Mike will be joined by Robert Davis, PJA’s SVP for Digital Marketing and Matt Magee, VP of Digital Strategy, and guests from Ford, GM and other players out to “make the EV market” will share their opinions and insights as well.


Mike O'Toole Pres PJA Advertising+Marketing

Robert Davis SVP, Digital Mktg PJA Advertising+Marketing

Digital marketing strategy at PJA advertising + marketing in Cambridge MA.

Scott Monty Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager Ford Motor Company

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