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The Power of Unpopular

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You probably never thought you'd want to build an unpopular brand, but branding rules have changed. Considering that every successful brand in history is inherently unpopular with a specific demographic, whom have YOU identified as the demographic that will never like you? Get introduced to author Erika Napoletano and the Power of Unpopular: a better way to run your business – and your life. Erika's the voice behind @RedheadWriting and, as well as a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and the author of two books. While she was never the prom queen (thank heavens), she's figured out how to leverage one word with seemingly negative implications into powerful fodder to build brands with staying power in the marketplace. You won't find case studies from corporate behemoths here - you'll find stories and advice from people just like you who want to wake up every day, do what they love, and do it for the people who will love them. Because that's who truly matters.



Erika Napoletano Head Redhead RedheadWriting LLC

Erika Napoletano is the Head Redhead at RedheadWriting, a Denver-based digital strategies consultancy (which is really just a fancy way of saying that she makes her living by keeping companies from looking like assholes online). She’s a regular columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and the author of two forthcoming books, including The Power of Unpopular, which makes its debut at SXSW Interactive. You can follow her on Twitter (@RedheadWriting), read her ripe and randy blog (, and catch up with her community on Facebook ( She closed her MySpace account when she realized that no one really wanted to pay her $5,000 a night to “party.”

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