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Playtime (Spielzeit)


Inspired by Billy Wilder's "People On Sunday" & Richard Linklater's "SLACKER", Playtime ("Spielzeit") is a seamless journey through the lives of German youth on a Sunday afternoon. Jan (Jan Müller) awaits his date with Matilda (Marylu Poolman). But when Matilda shows up with Andy (Markus Klauk), Jan realizes she has more in mind for their afternoon together. Their rendezvous is quickly interrupted by a group of children who poke fun at Andy’s shortcomings. Finally, one of the boys (Tim Lingens) gets lost in his imagination as the sun sets on this ordinary Sunday experienced through extraordinary lives.


Director(s): Lucas Mireles

Producer(s): Ryan Slattery, Christopher Becker, Lucas Mireles

Screenwriter(s): Lucas Mireles

Cinematographer: Jens Nolte

Editor(s): Nicole Kortlüke, Daniel Rakete Siegel, Lucas Mireles

Sound Designer: Tom Boykin

Principal Cast: Jan C. Müller, Marylu Poolman, Markus Klauk, Tim Lingens, Malte Purschke, Philipp Giez, Paul Pieck, Ingo Baum, Alonso Zeller

Director Bio


Lucas Mireles is a native Texan and former shot putter for the University of Houston & the Mexican Junior National Team. Currently enrolled in UCLA's graduate film program, Lucas just completed "Playtime" ("Spielzeit") which was inspired by Billy Wilder's 1930 classic silent film "People On Sunday".


Public Film Contact

Lucas Mireles
P.O. BOX 491711
Los Angeles


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