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Porter Robinson, "Spitfire"


In this music video for Porter Robinson's Spitfire, we emulated a videogame style paintball match shot in one-take with the Phantom Flex @ 1,000 fps. Dont forget to have a looksy at the chat box ;)

PS: The dog wasn't hit with paintballs...but many humans were.


Director(s): Saman Keshavarz

Executive Producer(s): Lanette Phillips, Jonathon Ker, Jeremy Barrett

Producer(s): Francis Pollara, Ross Levine, Nate Eggert

Screenwriter(s): Saman Keshavarz

Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari

Editor(s): Nate Tam

Production Designer: Emmy Eves

Sound Designer: SLOGAN MUSIC

Music: Porter Robinson

Additional Credits: Paintballer 1 / Stunt Coordinator: Ken Arata

Principal Cast: Brian Pera, Ethan Benner, Danny Smith, Ken Arata, Nate Tam

Director Bio


1986 to 1990: Brain too small to do anything interesting
1990 to 1995: Pees on grass and Plays lots of video games, no interest in real-life
2000 to 2007: Experimented with films
2009 to 2012: Becomes a video person, want to make movies.


Public Film Contact

Laura Tunstall
Pulse Films
+44 7811 625494
117 Hanbury Street
E1 6QR


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