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When Saints Go Machine, "Parix"



Parix is depicted teenage procrastination. Whatever direction you move it hurts. And you ask yourself: Why am I here fucking up my life so crucially? Why can’t I do what’s best for me? Your mind is floating, but you’re caught and afraid of going anywhere. When you have a gigantic load upon your shoulders, the easiest thing is to just stand still. The stillness makes you drift. And, sometimes the stream guides you in the right direction.


Director(s): Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen

Producer(s): Thor Brammer Jacobsen

Cinematographer: Brian Curt Petersen

Editor(s): Carla Luffe

Production Designer: Simon Iversen

Music: When Saints Go Machine

Additional Credits: Line Producer: Cathrine Bjørn

Principal Cast: Elliot Hove, Louise Brorsen

Director Bio


Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. Daniel works passionately with youth/teen storytelling, in his short films and music videos. He is currently studying at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, graduating in the summer of 2013.


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