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Herman Dune, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"



A young runaway yeti embarks on an adventure into the human world and along the way, makes an unexpected friend in Jon Hamm. Herman Dune's music video for "Tell Me Something I Don't know," is directed by Toben Seymour. David 'Ya Ya' Herman Dune has shown his drawings of blue yeti creatures in art galleries around Europe. Ya Ya and Toben teamed up to bring this blue yeti to life in this lighthearted and charming short music video film. The yeti was built by Furry Puppet Studios.


Director(s): Toben Seymour

Executive Producer(s): Strange Moosic, Toben Seymour

Producer(s): Jason Tobias, Funny or Die Producers: Allison Hord, Betsy Koch, Toben Seymour

Screenwriter(s): David (Ya Ya) Herman Dune, Toben Seymour

Cinematographer: Ross Riege

Editor(s): Logan Hefflefinger, Arianna Tomasittig

Production Designer: Caroline Karlen

Sound Designer: T.K. Broderick

Music: Herman Dune

Additional Credits: Colorist: Marshall Plante, Original yeti and Baby Blue designs: David (Ya Ya) Herman Dune, Puppet Build: Furry Puppet Studios, Styling: Janicza Bravo, Assistant Director: Nathan Lackie

Principal Cast: Jon Hamm, Paul McGinnis, Lincoln Williams , Michael Puig, Jenna Friedman , David 'Ya Ya' Herman Dune, Neman Herman Dune

Director Bio


Toben Seymour is a film director living in Venice, CA. He began making puppets for his short films in grade school and continued his education in film at USC. Toben is a prolific music video and narrative filmmaker and is currently developing a feature films and television shows.


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