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Chocolate Milk


Chocolate Milk is the #1 goal. At least, that is what the Rehab informs the teenage Izzy as she enters for drug treatment. If she follows all their rules, then she can have chocolate milk. But why would she want some lame beverage, when she's got pogoballs, monster trucks and a best friend with a silverware fetish to keep her busy. A humorous and bittersweet teenage odyssey of coming to grips with addiction and trying to get through life without letting the current pull you under.


Director(s): Eliza Kinkz

Screenwriter(s): Eliza Kinkz

Cinematographer: Eliza Kinkz

Production Designer: Eliza Kinkz

Music: Eric "Fishboy" Michener

Additional Credits: Technical Assistant & Lead Grilled Cheese Taster: Phiyen Nguyen

Principal Cast: Kat Lam

Director Bio


Eliza Kinkz is an Animator and Illustrator of various short films. "Chocolate Milk" is her thesis film for the UCLA Animation Workshop, based on her experiences as a teenager in a Texas Rehab. She is a native Texan and is often homesick for queso…


Public Film Contact

Eliza Chincarini
2625 Broadway St #210
Redwood City


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