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A mysterious man drops off a cardboard box. The next morning, a little girl finds a teddy bear contained within the box. Eventually, the teddy bear transforms the little girl into a troubled teenager who exacts revenge upon her neglectful father.


Director(s): Jasmine DePucci

Executive Producer(s): Dr. Linda Anderson

Producer(s): Karen Seimears, Clayton Burlison

Screenwriter(s): Jasmine DePucci

Cinematographer: Westin Riley

Editor(s): Jasmine DePucci

Production Designer: Westin Riley

Sound Designer: Collin McDonald

Additional Credits: , Grips: Collin McDonald, Gaffer: Westin Riley, Special Effects: Kason Bryden

Principal Cast: Stacy Chavarria, Melanie Busch, Dave Clark, Devin Womack

Director Bio


Jasmine DePucci has always had an interest in cinematography. She make movies for the thrill of it and loves putting everything together: the editing, the special effects and seeing people's reactions.


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