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McChange: a Manifesto


A social revolution has come to Pasadena Memorial High. Mark McNeil's fight for the presidency, against all odds, will attempt to bring unprecedented social reform of thinking that could last a lifetime.


Director(s): Jonathan Griffin, Josiah Sandhu

Executive Producer(s): Jennifer Baldwin

Producer(s): Jennifer Baldwin, Faraz Mohammed

Screenwriter(s): Josiah Sandhu, Jonathan Griffin

Cinematographer: Josiah Sandhu

Editor(s): Jonathan Griffin

Production Designer: Josiah Sandhu

Sound Designer: Josiah Sandhu

Music: Josiah Sandhu

Additional Credits: Camera: Faraz Mohammed, Grip: Huy Tu

Principal Cast: Mark McNeil, Josiah Sandhu, Faraz Mohammed, Jonathan Griffin, Amy Duke, Jennifer Baldwin, Shaquille Cyril, John Snelson, Christopher Quilian, Patrick Polier

Director Bio


At the heart of our direction we consider ourselves storytellers more than anything. Since our freshman year we've been working hard at crafting stories; attempting to bring all the emotion, wonder and intrigue of the real world into our films.


Public Film Contact

Jennifer Baldwin


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