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Aisha's Song


Partially blinded by an unknown illness at the age of 4 and sent out to work on the tough streets of Kano in Nigeria at the age of 9, Aisha Sani Abdullahi's life chances were not great. However, a chance encounter sent Aisha's life in a completely different direction…

Aisha's Song is an energetic and beautifully shot 16mm documentary that uses the sounds of street life in Kano in order to create a vibrant and organic soundscape. Touching and uplifting, the film is a story of female empowerment from a part of the world where women are all too often overlooked.


Director(s): Orlando von Einsiedel

Executive Producer(s): Ben Gallagher, Jon Drever

Producer(s): Orlando von Einsiedel, Patrick Vernon

Cinematographer: Franklin Dow

Editor(s): Katie Bryer, Peta Ridley

Sound Designer: Patrick Jonsson

Music: Patrick Jonsson

Director Bio


Orlando von Einsiedel is an award winning London based film-maker. He has been praised by critics for his fearless film-making and strong sense of the people and places he covers.


Public Film Contact

Orlando von Einsiedel
Grain Media
Unit 1, Gladiator Works, Gladiator St
SE23 1NA


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