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Not Far From The Abattoir


Warren has just been laid off from his job at a slaughterhouse in small town Alberta, Canada. With his father dying in the hospital, his romantic relationship on the rocks, and his struggle with substance abuse getting the better of him, Warren is in desperate need of a change. Not Far From The Abattoir is the story of a man controlling his demons and trying to imagine a better life outside of the only town he has ever called home.


Director(s): Kyle Thomas

Producer(s): Cameron Macgowan, Kyle Thomas

Screenwriter(s): Kyle Thomas

Cinematographer: Alexander Carson

Editor(s): Kyle Thomas

Production Designer: Bobby Vanonen, Jordin Stallman

Sound Designer: Paul Chirka, Nicholas Martin

Music: Kyle Thomas, Kris Demeanor, Steve Carey, Nicholas Martin

Principal Cast: Kris Demeanor, Mandy Stobo, Gordo Blakhart, Haley McClure

Director Bio


Kyle is a filmmaker and musician from Calgary (Canada), an alum of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia University, Montreal) and a founding member of North Country Cinema. Kyle’s numerous short films including Ghost Town (2008) and The Liminal State of Decay (2010) have played film festivals around the world.


Public Film Contact

Kyle Thomas
North Country Cinema
(403) 831-8929


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