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SXEncore: Phillip The Fossil


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An aging party animal chases the now extinct glory days of his youth. Blowing lines, strip clubs, and pawing barely legal girls are all part of his endless summer. He chuckles along as the carefree town jester, but beneath this suffocating guise Phillip feels increasingly isolated.
When an old love returns home and the opportunity to run his own landscaping business knocks, he must first ditch the insecure seventeen year-old that’s been his shadow. Dealing with her jealous, steroid-pumping ex and a best friend with an acutely hostile form of PTSD, it isn’t long before Phillip gets tangled in a tornado of violence.


Director(s): Garth Donovan

Producer(s): Adam Roffman, Chris Sachs, Tom Sullivan

Screenwriter(s): Garth Donovan

Cinematographer: Matt Levin

Editor(s): Garth Donovan

Principal Cast: Brian Hasenfus, Nick Dellarocca, Angela Pagliarulo, J.R. Killigrew, Ann Palica, Richard Dellarocca

Director Bio


New England filmmaker Garth Donovan’s Phillip The Fossil won SXSW 2010 Special Jury Award for Best Individual Performance. Currently he is producing a feature with award winning filmmaker Alex Karpovsky and directing a documentary about a wrongfully convicted man fighting a murder case while trying to reunite his broken family.


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