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when you find me presented by Canon



"when you find me" tells the story of two sisters whose childhood bond is tested by a tragedy they are too young to understand. Alternating between past and present, "when you find me" is an emotional fable of two people coping with loss in very different ways, and what it takes to find peace within yourself and reconciliation with the ones you love.


Director(s): Bryce Dallas Howard

Executive Producer(s): Ron Howard

Producer(s): Kevin Chinoy, Francesca Silvestri

Screenwriter(s): Dane Charbeneau

Cinematographer: Andre Lascaris

Editor(s): Tessa Davis

Production Designer: Julie Berghoff

Sound Designer: Renick Webb

Music: Lorne Balfe

Principal Cast: Devon Woods, Erin Way, Jacy King, Karley Scott Collins, Marianna Palka, Pay Healy, Zachary James Rukavina, Michael Leone, Carter MacIntrye

Director Bio

Howard has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most versatile and dynamic young talents on and off screen. She was recently in ”The Help” and the dark-comedy “50/50.” Beyond acting, she produced “Restless” which opened at 2011 Cannes. Recently she co-wrote her first feature film. She made her directorial debut in 2006.


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