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SXEncore: Motherland



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The award-winning documentary film Motherland explores the timeless subjects of grief and healing through the story of a very unique journey. Six women from the US, all of whom have experienced a devastating loss, travel together to South Africa to work as volunteers. In Africa, where the AIDS epidemic leaves no one without a story of loss, the women learn how solidarity and shared suffering promote healing and grace. The film focuses specifically on the grieving processes of these six women, however its lessons are universal— ultimately, it is a heartwarming story about resilience and triumph of the human spirit.


Director(s): Jennifer Steinman

Producer(s): Jennifer Steinman, Anne Magill

Cinematographer: Mira Chang

Editor(s): Jessica Congdon

Sound Designer: Al Nelson

Music: Eric Holland

Director Bio


Jennifer Steinman is a director and editor with over 15 years of experience in television and filmmaking. Her films have been accepted into many major film festivals including SXSW, Rotterdam, and Sundance. Motherland, her directorial debut, won the SXSW Emerging Visions Audience Award in 2009.


Distributor: Vanguard Cinema

Public Film Contact

Jennifer Steinman
Smush Media
39 West 14th Street, suite 504
New York


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