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SXEncore: Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott's Road to the Stars


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Fulfilling a lifelong dream, computer game creator Richard Garriott becomes the first second-generation American astronaut as his $30 million ticket and secret Moscow training puts him aboard the Russian Soyuz rocket for a 12-day journey into space. Go along on his amazing ride as he orbits Earth on the International Space Station, performs experiments designed by his scientist-astronaut father, and returns with a harrowing and fiery re-entry.


Director(s): Mike Woolf

Executive Producer(s): Brady Dial

Producer(s): Karen Yates

Cinematographer: Andrew Yates

Editor(s): Catie Cacci

Sound Designer: Marty Lester

Music: Brian Satterwhite, John Constant

Additional Credits: Assistant Editor: Patrick Riester, Colorist: Brandon Thomas, Designer: Michael Anderson

Director Bio

Mike Woolf has been directing documentaries and commercials with Beef and Pie Productions for the past 10 years. His team has show 5 short docs and Man on a Mission at SXSW and hopes to screen many more.


Distributor: First Run Features

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