This is the archived SXSW 2012 schedule. Please see the current schedule here.

Texas Shorts



Directors: Zach Anner, Marshall Rimmer
Zach Anner, the freeloading roommate, and Marshall Rimmer, the responsible businessman, eat their
morning cereal together.

The Gathering Squall
Director: Hannah Fidell
A teenage girl is forced into adulthood after she is assaulted by a classmate.

The Guessing Game
Director: Angela Cheng
A very short comedy set in a retirement home with senior citizens. On the morning of his birthday,
Emmett asks his fellow residents to guess his age and is surprised by their answers.

Director: Kat Candler
All hell breaks loose when seven-year-old Petey is left with his hell-raising brothers. But things go from
bad to really, really bad when Dad gets home.

Director: James M. Johnston
From the rugged cross-timbers of Texas comes a portrait of greed and vengeance.

Director: Russell O. Buh
On a trip to reconnect with his estranged and recently engaged daughter, Phillip finds a sex tape of the
little girl he used to know. Dinner is going to be awkward.

Director: Annie Silverstein
While a boy waits out his father's tryst he is unexpectedly forced to deal with the lady-friend's daughter.
Set on a ranch in Bastrop, Texas, Spark uses the environment to explore the internal space of children.

Director: Jared Varava
The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble.

What It's Like
Director: Matt Naylor
A magazine writer goes to an old folks home to buy mushrooms from one of the elderly residents. What
starts as a bizarre transaction becomes a moment of connection across generations.


Director(s): Various


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