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Vivan las Antipodas


What would be the shortest route between Entre Ríos in Argentina and the Chinese metropolis Shanghai? Simply a straight line through the center of the earth, since the two places are antipodes: they are located diametrically opposite to each other on the earth’s surface. During his visits to four such antipodal pairs, the award-winning documentary filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky captured images that turn our view of the world upside down. These antipodes seem mythically connected, somehow united by their oppositeness.

Kossakovsky’s movie is a feast for the senses, a fascinating kaleidoscope of our planet. ¡VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! – Long Live The Antipodes!

Presented with the support of AMBULANTE


Director(s): Victor Kossakovsky

Executive Producer(s): Alexander Rodnyansky, Gema Juarez Allen

Producer(s): Heino Deckert, Leontine Petit, Marleen Slot, Joost de Vries, Gema Juarez Allen, Juan Manuel Egaña

Screenwriter(s): Victor Kossakovsky

Cinematographer: Victor Kossakovsky

Editor(s): Victor Kossakovsky

Sound Designer: Michel Schöpping

Music: Alexander Popov

Additional Credits: Sound: Guido Beremblum

Director Bio


Born in St. Petersburg on July 19, 1961, Victor Kossakovsky made his directorial debut with "Losev" (1989). Additionally, he has worked on the films: "The Belovs" (1992), "Wednesday 19.7.1961" (1997), "Pavel and Lyalya" (1998), "I Loved You" (2000), "Tishe!" (2003) and "Svyato" (2006). He has received more than 100 national and international prizes for his films.


Distributor: Deckert Distribution

Public Film Contact

Ina Rossow
Deckert Distribution
+49 341 2156638
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