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Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters


Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters follows the acclaimed photographer’s decade-long quest to create a series of haunting, surreal, and stunningly elaborate portraits of small-town American life. His photographs are like single-frame movies — partly because each composition brims with narrative, partly because he uses cinematic tools such as special effects, hundreds of lights, and huge crews of technicians. As we travel with him — from first inspirations, through countless creative and logistical obstacles, to the instant where all the elements coalesce in a single perfect moment — we realize that, despite their vast scale, Crewdson’s images grow from his most intimate dreams and fantasies.


Director(s): Ben Shapiro

Producer(s): Ben Shapiro

Cinematographer: Ben Shapiro

Editor(s): Tom Patterson, Nancy Kennedy & Ben Shapiro

Sound Designer: Margaret Crimmins

Music: Dana Kaproff

Additional Credits: additional music: Steve Curtis & Erika Simonian, Little Silver

Director Bio


Ben Shapiro is a documentarian whose work spans television, film, radio, and new media. He first filmed Gregory Crewdson in 2000, for the PBS series EGG. His work has appeared on HBO, National Geographic, Sundance Channel, CBS, NPR, at MoMA, and has received awards including Peabody, Dupont, AFI, and Emmy.


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Ben Shapiro


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