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Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes.


“Degenerate Art” tells the story of glass pipe-making from the origins of the “color-changing” pipe, to the radical emerging art movement it has become today. Despite federal laws, pipe-makers have created a whole new genre of American folk art. A huge multi-million dollar industry has formed around this taboo culture. This subversive art challenges our right to free speech and expression, as well as reflecting the nature of the people who make and collect the pieces. One of the last true underground American scenes, glass pipe art remains invisible to mainstream culture.


Director(s): M. Slinger

Executive Producer(s): M Slinger

Producer(s): M Slinger, Bryan Carson, Dan Berge

Cinematographer: M Slinger, Max Tubman

Editor(s): Daniel Collins

Production Designer: M Slinger

Sound Designer: Daniel Collins

Music: Nit Grit, Kraddy, Ghost, Linus Stubbs, Ill Text, Winstrong, Josh Hisle, Daniel Collins, Blue Sky Black Death, Howl, Joe Overton, Thievery Corporation

Additional Credits: Additional Camera Work : Danny Sheats, Kris Gardner, Chris Carlson, Jason Lee

Director Bio


M Slinger has been a professional glassblower, filmmaker, graphic designer, painter, and installation artist for 15 years. He has taught glassblowing across the USA, Canada, and Japan, as well as exhibiting nationwide in group and solo shows, including SOFA Chicago(2008) and SOFA NY(2009). "Degenerate Art" is his first feature film.


Public Film Contact

Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes.
M Slinger Productions
800 N 2nd St PMB 154


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