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"Bijuka" (Scarecrow) tells the true story of Lalli, a young woman who is attempting to escape from an abusive arranged marriage. After she is forced to stand trial for her efforts to flee, Lalli is gang raped by the members of the village Councilmen. Lalli is now serving a life sentence in Rajasthan for killing her husband Painku, who kept her bound and gagged while the rape occurred.


Director(s): Ashtar Sayed

Executive Producer(s): Atul Shah

Producer(s): Meraj Shaikh, Charlotte Poth

Screenwriter(s): Dr. Mahendra Purohit

Cinematographer: Chirantan Das

Editor(s): Todd Sandler

Production Designer: Meenakshi Singh

Sound Designer: Atirek Pandey

Music: Emu (RockNfolk)

Additional Credits: Post Production Cordinator & Festival Consultant: Saahil Rizvi

Principal Cast: Arti Rautela, Amit Purohit

Director Bio


Ashtar Sayed has produced, directed, and edited numerous commercials, documentaries, corporate films and feature film productions in India, the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and the United States. Throughout his career, he has cultivated relationships with technicians and vendors from around the world.


Public Film Contact

Saahil Rizvi
Parshva Productions Pvt Ltd
Mumbai, India


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