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Amidst a zombie outbreak a broken man on the run seeks refuge in a shed and accidentally locks himself inside. Isolated, alone and low on supplies, he is quickly stripped of all his humanity as he struggles to survive. As the days go by the deteriorated man must rebuild his inner strength to escape and finally confront his ultimate fear.


Director(s): Aaron McCann, Stefan A. Radanovich

Producer(s): Aaron McCann, Stefan A. Radanovich

Screenwriter(s): Aaron McCann, Stefan A. Radanovich

Cinematographer: Jim Frater

Editor(s): Stefan A. Radanovich

Production Designer: Sophie Dunning

Sound Designer: Adrian Jolly

Music: The Men from Another Place

Additional Credits: Special FX Make-Up Artist: Naomi D Lynch, Visual Effects Artist: David Enemy

Principal Cast: Wayne S Davies, Leoni Leaver, David Richardson

Director Bio


Since 2003 Aaron McCann and Stefan Radanovich have worked in a variety of roles in the Australian film industry. Individually they have been editors, assistant directors, camera operators and writers. Perished is their first collaboration as co-writers, co-Directors & co-Producers.


Public Film Contact

Aaron McCann
SAR Films
+ 61 411 251 426
78 Palmerston Street
Western Australia


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