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SXEncore: The Way We Get By



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"The Way We Get By" is a deeply moving film about life and how to live it. Beginning as a seemingly idiosyncratic story about troop greeters-- a group of senior citizens who gather daily at a small airport to thank American soldiers departing and returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the film quickly turns into a moving, unsettling and compassionate story about aging, loneliness, war and mortality. More important, regardless of your politics, "The Way We Get By" celebrates three unsung heroes who share their love with strangers who need and deserve it.


Director(s): Aron Gaudet

Producer(s): Gita Pullapilly

Screenwriter(s): Aron Gaudet

Cinematographer: Aron Gaudet, Dan Ferrigan

Editor(s): Aron Gaudet

Music: Zack Martin

Director Bio


Aron Gaudet’s directorial debut is the Emmy-nominated documentary, THE WAY WE GET BY. The film world premiered at SXSW, winning the Special Jury Award. THE WAY WE GET BY released theatrically in 2009 in 60 cities across the U.S. It aired on the critically acclaimed television series P.O.V. on PBS.


Distributor: The Way We Get By, Inc

Public Film Contact

Gita Pullapilly
Sunny Side Up Films
69 Ridgeway Drive
Bar Harbor


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