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Texas High School Shorts



The Apparition
Director: Jonathan Munoz
Paranormal Elimination 101.

The Bench
Directors: Kalen Doyle, Hirsh Elhence
There's a note for that.

The Bench
Director: Christian Benavides
One son's letter to his father.

Directors: Daniel Matyas, Brian Broder
All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought 'twas all in fun, then
Pop! goes the weasel.

Burn Spark
Directors: Maqui Gaona, J.J. Rubin
In the future, one man fights the system to choose his own love.

Director: Jasmine DePucci
A young girl experiences a transformation by an evil spirit contained within the fluffy seams of a teddy

Code Red
Director: Zach Prengler
Four nerdy guys buy the hottest video game of the year, but what they bought was not what they

Directors: Christian Larrave, Alex McKenna
The story of two doodles in love.

Director: Micah Autry
A social issue film that projects the life of the protagonist and how he overcomes constraints of a
normal life.

Drum Roll Please
Director: Alexander Villanueva
Opposable thumbs have allowed humans to become the dominant species. How dominant, you say?

Janitor's Laundry
Director: Brian Broder
A dark thriller exploring the actions of a murderous janitor, who attacks lonely victims at the local

Josh Lumsden, “Guilty”
Director: Josh Lumsden
Josh Lumsden sings and dances while trapped in a mental asylum.

Julian Edmonson: Who I Am
Director: Jake Wangner
Julian Edmonson is a point guard who graduated from Fossil Ridge High School. This is a video putting
a spotlight on this student before he went off to college.

Director: Bobby Jorgenson
Life socks.

Director: Leah Schell
Jason and his Korean foreign exchange student struggle to overcome a language barrier.

Director: Anele Page
An artist struggles to create a masterpiece for a special cause.

McChange: a Manifesto
Directors: Jonathan Griffin, Josiah Sandhu
Mark McNeil is the president that Pasadena Memorial High deserves, but doesn't need right now.

Plasticine Dream
Directors: Samantha Fine, Andrew Fields
Romance molded into the shape of a dream.

The Process
Director: Ty Whittington
Ty Whittington, a young artist, takes us through the process of creating an artistic illustration in his own

The Proposal
Directors: Marcella Jimenez, Susannah Rodrigue
The story of a young boys hope for childhood love.

Director: Pierce Harvell
When a tornado threatens the lives of two brothers, one decides to take the initiative towards survival
despite the reservations of his twin.

Silent Night
Director: James Bradford
Run fat boy, run!

Directors: Cole Martin, Josh Willis
An anonymous man with skills of inexplicable origin infiltrates the corporate hideout of a shady, but
high-ranking businessman. Using fast and fluid tactics, our protagonist is determined to complete his


Director(s): Various


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