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Director Eva Stotz visited interesting people all over the world, whom she found through online host networks, emerging for a limited time in their everyday life. The film introduces a music-loving Tuareg in Mali, a wildlife enthusiast in Tokyo, an ecologist in the Palestinian West Bank, a dancemaniac in Turkey, and a visionary in the US. In doing so, the film explores a thrilling new way of traveling.

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Director(s): Eva Stotz

Producer(s): Annedore von Donop, Karsten Aurich

Screenwriter(s): Eva Stotz

Cinematographer: Eva Stotz

Editor(s): Vincent Schmitt, Eva Stotz

Sound Designer: Niklas Kammertoens

Music: Jürgen Groezinger, Joa Glasstetter

Additional Credits: Original Sound : Konstantin Kirilow, Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Juri von Krause, Garip Oezdem

Director Bio


Eva Stotz was born in 1979 in Isny/Allgaeu, Germany. She completed her Director-Studies at German Film and Television Academy Berlin with "GLOBAL HOME" (2012). Her filmography includes: "Devil Hides in Doubt" (Documentary-Sollbruchstelle 2008) (German Television Advancement Award) (2009).


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