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It Ain't Over



Shot cinematically, IT AIN'T OVER is a visually stunning documentary that follows Dr. Edward Dobson, a man accustomed to counseling people through suffering, as he comes to grips with the unusual disease eating away his body.

ALS or “Lou Gehrig's Disease” is a degenerative disorder that systemically incapacitates the body, commandeering the ability to hold, speak, walk, swallow, and even breathe until it causes the lungs to fatally collapse. They don't know what causes it, and there is no cure. After learning he had 2-5 years to live, Ed chose to examine what hope looks like in situations where it doesn't exist.


Director(s): Caleb Slain

Executive Producer(s): Karl Koelling, Flannel, Stephen Huseby, Daniel Dobson

Producer(s): Karl Koelling, Ross Vande Waa

Screenwriter(s): David M Phelps

Cinematographer: Chad Terpstra

Editor(s): Caleb Slain

Production Designer: Philip Carrel

Sound Designer: Caleb Slain

Music: Kyle Campbell

Director Bio


Slain has been internationally awarded for his vibrant use of storytelling in both short films and commercials. He recently completed his second cinematic short doc, JUGGLE & CUT, and a viciously dark comedy, FREE PIE. Both hit festivals soon. He is 21 years old, directs full-time, and resides in Grand Rapids, MI.


Sales Agent: Steve Carr, Flannel Inc.

Public Film Contact

Karl Koelling
Ed's Story, LLC
231 218 8211
1514 Wealthy St. SE Ste. 290
Grand Rapids


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