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Sea Meadow


Through a visceral, visually striking sequence of events, Sea Meadow reinvents the thriller genre using dance, choreographed gesture and pop mashups to investigate the themes of identity, mortality and memory. A young woman stumbles upon a seemingly empty estate. Hesitantly she enters and wanders its chilling insides: a Pandora's Box that entices and haunts her with a series of stylized dance tableaux. History reveals itself in these poignant flashes. She is in fact a ghost in her own home.


Director(s): Lily Baldwin

Producer(s): Ilana Rossein, Ariana Garfinkel

Screenwriter(s): Lily Baldwin

Cinematographer: Ben Wolf

Editor(s): Lily Baldwin and Kristin Bye

Production Designer: Nina Gallant

Sound Designer: Dewey Sanchez

Music: Mark degli Antoni

Additional Credits: Sound Mixer: Kent Sparling, Skywalker Ranch, Contact DI & Post: Blase Theodore, Costume Design: PAVON by Luz and Victoria

Principal Cast: Lily Baldwin, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Tony Orrico, Katherine Padulo, George Seamans, Jordan Aiello

Director Bio


Lily Baldwin's award-winning films have screened at Lincoln Center and worldwide. She directs commercials and music videos and is developing two features. As a dancer Lily has worked with The Metropolitan Opera, numerous NYC choreographers, and David Byrne and Brian Eno, both touring and appearing in the feature, RideRiseRoar.


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Ariana Garfinkel


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